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Raine+ Skye was created summer of 2013 catering to infants to adults with handcrafted leather products. The inspiration for its creator and designer - Rosemary Elder, were her two daugthers.

With each stage of their growth I aim to capture it with a new item. I tell a story of their youth with color trends and unique designs.

With each stage of Rosemary's girls growth she aims to come up with a new item. RAINE+SKYE  tells a story of childhood and youth with color trends and unique designs.

All purses are made of Premium Leather coming from Italy and South America. Rosemary uses only the finest leather and tries to source colors and textures that are unique to her designs. All lace straps are made in the USA from made from Oil-Tanned Sides.

15,45€ 30,90€ -50%

The Mini Frosted Almond is the perfect bite size bucket bag. Handmade of Premium Toasted Almond Nubuck Leather with a Metallic Overlay.Gold Hardware for straps to give a completed look. Perfect to wear as a crossbody bag. Straps can be tied either at the hardware for adjustment or make a knot on top. measurements  base 8,5 cm in diameter  height 11,5 cm...

14,00€ 28,00€ -50%

The Petit Boho is the perfect wanderlust treasure for your dreamer. 100% hand made from gorgeous Cloud Dancer Premium Leather. Leather Lace Strap is suitable for Toddlers to wear as a crossbody bag. Measurements:  height approx 11,5 cm  width 12 cm   shoulder strap 89 cm

12,07€ 24,14€ -50%

The Mini Voyager coin purse is meant for those tiny adventures set off by your little.  Perfect little bag in rich green marine shade, made of finest Italian leather. This purse has tiny bow attached to the front. Suitable for Toddlers to wear as a crossbody bag. Measurements:  height approx 13 cm   width 11 cm Suede Strap's lenght: 89 cm

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