Makoowka – good taste on-line

Makoowka store was created from long time passion for great couture and strong belief that beautifully dressed children cannot be dressed up. Childrenswear is not a costume, it must play as one with their complexion, look, sensitivity, way they feel and see the world around. We want to be all true about what we are doing and we are keen on showing it to other parents!

Our goal and our main stream path we have taken while creating Makoowka was the idea of “no by accident” brands, simple yet adorable children clothing that just enhances inner beauty of little ones.

Makoowka is about kids fashion of its best. We start this adventure with just 3 brands: Yellowpelota, Rylee & Cru and Mi Pequeno Lucas. However just as seeds popping out of our poppies we would like to ensure everyone that our brand portfolio will grow continuously and we always will remember that clothes we choose should speak the language of children.